Questions period: Day 1, Group 2

Howard Schubert, Ivanka Iordanova, and Alexis Lenk, Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), DOCAM Conservation & Preservation Committee, Montréal
Geneviève Saulnier, National Gallery of Canada (NGC), DOCAM Cataloguing Structure Committee, Ottawa
Marie-Ève Courchesne, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MACM), DOCAM Cataloguing Structure Committee, Montréal

Link to speakers' presentations:

Howard Shubert, Ivanka Iordanova et Alexis Lenk : Cataloguing and Preserving Greg Lynn’s Embryological House at the CCA

Geneviève Saulnier et Marie-Ève Courchesne : Cataloguing Structure Case Study: Max Dean and Raffaello D’Andrea, The Table: Childhood