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Cataloguing Structure Committee presentation

Day 1, Group 1

Allison Simpson, Canadian Heritage Information Network
Elaine Tolmatch, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Avery Larose, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Members of the Cataloguing Structure Committee (Allison Simpson, Elaine Tolmatch and Avery Larose) present their research plan and initial findings.
Elaine Tolmach, Allison Simpson
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Allison Simpson has worked with museums across Canada and around the world on collaborative projects to develop online products and to research emerging technology issues facing the museum community. In this capacity, she chaired a working group tasked with exploring the challenges museums are currently facing in regards to the collection, preservation, research, and exhibition of digital art.

External link to image of artwork mentioned during presentation :

Gisele Amantea, In Your Dreams, 1999.


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Nam June Paik Studios
Christine Davis