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Les enjeux des enseignements sur la documentation et la conservation des arts médiatiques : bilan du séminaire DOCAM

Sylvie Lacerte © DOCAM 2010

Day 1, Session 1

Sylvie Lacerte (independent curator, Montréal)


An instructor in the DOCAM Seminar at UQÀM (2007, Ph.D. in Art Theory and Practices; 2009, Masters in Museology) and at McGill (2008, graduate and post-graduate programs in the Art History and Communications Studies Department), Sylvie Lacerte will present a summary of the interdisciplinary and interuniversity body of teaching offered as a pilot project for four consecutive years as part of the DOCAM research initiative. She will focus on the issues and challenges of integrating the teaching of these subjects on a permanent basis into graduate programs at Montreal universities (visual and media arts, museology, library science/information science).


* Please note that this presentation was given in French but has been dubbed in English


An author, researcher and independent curator, Sylvie Lacerte was coordinator of the DOCAM Research Alliance from August 2005 until December 2007. In this role, she lectured at conferences in Canada, Europe and South Korea and wrote numerous articles in art and academic journals. Holding a PhD in Art Theory and Practices, she was a DOCAM Seminar instructor in the Art History and Communication Studies Department of McGill University (2008) as well as at Université du Québec à Montréal (2007, 2009), where she was responsible for the Museology course. Her thesis-based work La médiation de l’art contemporain was published in 2007. Through the Daniel Langlois Foundation, Sylvie has also conducted in-depth research on the Experiments in Art and Technology group and has spoken on her research in Montreal, Paris and Banff. She has also written on this subject, most recently in 2008, in the anthology Artists as Inventors/Inventors as Artists (Hatje Cantz: Berlin). She has contributed her knowledge as a visual arts specialist to the MCCCFQ policy to integrate art into architecture and to the Public Art Bureau of the City of Montreal. She has also just taken over as artistic director for the magazine Spirale. She is currently preparing an exhibition of the archives of artist Vera Frenkel, scheduled to open in fall 2010 in Montreal.



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