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Towards a Simulative Philology

Vincenzo Lombardo
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Day 1, Session 3

Vincenzo Lombardo (CIRMA, Università di Torino, Turin)


The presentation addresses the problem of documentation and accessibility of ephemeral artworks from a simulative perspective. The simulative approach proposes a documentation based upon a formalization of the control aspects and a concrete realization of the aural and visual perception through a virtual reality based installation. The artwork technology and the individual contents are recreated in virtual terms; then, the time-based development of the artwork is accounted for by a control score. We have applied the simulative approach to a paradigmatic case of a complex multimedia artwork, Le Corbusier’s Poème électronique, the very first multimedia installation of the electronic era.



Vincenzo Lombardo is an Associate Professor of Informatics at the University of Turin, Italy. He is co-founder and member of CIRMA (Centre for Research on Multimedia and Audiovisuals) and teaches at the School of Multimedia and Arts. At the Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park, he leads the Art-Science Allied Laboratory (ASA Lab), for applied research projects in interactive multimedia, and the School, with training programs for professionals of the audiovisual industry. His research concerns methodologies, models and applications of informatics to the production and documentation of multimedia artifacts, languages and tools for multimedia production. He carries on a production activity in multimedia art and communication.



• Virtual Electronic Poem Project: https://www.cirma.unito.it/vep/

• CIRMA:https://www.cirma.unito.it/

• Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park: https://www.vrmmp.it/