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Performing Technology: the challenges of documenting interactive artworks

Daisy Abbott © DOCAM 2010

Day 2, Session 8

Daisy Abbott (Digital Design Studio, Glasgow School of Art)


Bringing together research from Human Computer Interaction and dramaturgy, this presentation outlines the broad types of interactions in immersive interactive virtual environments and the ways in which artists can design user/audience interactions and create trajectories of experience through technologically-driven artworks. Recent research in user expectations of digital documentations of artworks highlights the challenges inherent in documentation and curation of performance works and performative interactions in general. Finally, strategies of documentation and curation for performative artworks are considered using the data lifecycle model developed by the UK’s national Digital Curation Centre.


Daisy Abbott’s research interests span various aspects of the creation and continuing use of digital information. Specific areas of interest include: digital representations of ephemeral events, and how these representations affect performing arts scholarship and curation methodologies; performed heritage; use of digital documentation in education or recreation and the development of new digital pedagogies; digital culture; digital curation. In addition to curation strategies for digital resources and artworks, she is currently developing research in semantic annotation of 3D datasets and interaction design for medical and heritage visualization.



• Digital Design Studio: https://www.gsa.ac.uk/research/research-units/school-of-simulation-and-visualisation/