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Pedagogical Activities

Educational activities of the DOCAM Research Alliance fall under the supervision of the Pedagogical Committee, whose mandate most notably is to develop a Seminar on the issues associated with the documentation and conservation of the media and electronic arts heritage. This Seminar is primarily designed for students working towards a Masters degree or Ph.D. in visual and media arts, art history, art conservation, communications or museology.


The main objective of the Seminar is to train emerging artistic, museological and academic professionals, as the current situation clearly indicates that many professionals in these disciplines can become overwhelmed by challenges for which they have not received academic training or only rarely encounter. The knowledge and skills in this domain have for the most part been acquired in the field, often through a trial and error approach, by those involved in this constantly evolving landscape of rapid and pronounced technological change. Given this situation, it is imperative that professionals be trained who will be capable of finding solutions to problems in media arts documentation, conservation, restoration, cataloguing, archiving, and terminology. It is equally essential that universities be able to transfer this new knowledge to those wishing to gain proficiency in artistic and curatorial practices, as well as knowledge of the conservation and documentation issues generated by the merging of art and technology.


The Seminar will therefore allow for in-depth reflection on theoretical, aesthetic, ethical, historical and practical approaches leading to the elaboration of a discipline that to date has too often been misunderstood or pigeon-holed due to a lack of theoretical tools and practical solutions to problems that are not even close to being resolved.



2006 Winter Seminar: Preservation of New Media (Dr. Will Straw, McGill University)


2007 Winter Seminar: Documentation et préservation du patrimoine des arts médiatiques (in French – Dr. Sylvie Lacerte, Université du Québec à Montréal)


2008 Winter Seminar: Documentation and Conservation of Media Artworks (Dr. Sylvie Lacerte, McGill University)


2009 Winter Seminar: Documentation et conservation du patrimoine des arts médiatiques (in French – Dr. Sylvie Lacerte, Université du Québec à Montréal)