Accueil SOMMETS ANNUELS Sommet 2007 Art as experience : Expanded Cinema re-enactments

Art as experience : Expanded Cinema re-enactments

Jour 1, Session 5

Lucas Ihlein, Teaching and Learning Cinema, Australia                                                                                                                        
* Veuillez noter que cette présentation est en anglais.
Lucas Ihlein © DOCAM 2007
Lucas Ihlein is an artist who’s interested in “art projects which draw attention to the elements of exchange and communication between people.” Lucas was a winner of the 2003 Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists. He presented a “kind of forensic analysis” of his “sabotage-by-bomb of Simon Barney’s Briefcase Gallery, which took place a year earlier.” Lucas lived in a gallery for a month in an exhibition titled Bilateral, has been involved in Squatspace, and is currently involved with the development of NUCA, the Network of Uncollectable Artists. He’s currently in Montreal researching “Expanded Cinema”, Fluxus, social research projects, and more.