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Glossaurus - "Binaural recording"

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Binaural recording   (French Equivalent: Enregistrement binaural)

DefinitionBinaural recording is a method of recording audio which uses a special microphone arrangement intended for replay using headphones. Dummy head recording refers to a specific method of capturing the audio, generally using a bust including pinnae (outer ears). As one's pinnae are unique, and the filtering they impose on sound directionality is learned by individuals from early childhood, use during recording of pinnae that are not the same as the ultimate listener may lead to perceptual confusion. A typical binaural recording unit has two high-fidelity microphones mounted in a dummy head, inset in ear-shaped molds to fully capture all of the audio frequency adjustments that happen naturally as sound wraps around the human head and is "shaped" by the form of the outer and inner ear.

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