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Prepared by DOCAM researchers, techwatch data sheets on documents, events and research projects reflect three participation methods (reference, observation and analysis) and are available on the public DOCAM site. This wealth of cutting-edge information will help all DOCAM partners to conduct their research projects and case studies and will allow Internet users to become familiar with the resources associated with the DOCAM themes. [More...]

DOCAM Themes

The techwatch document, event and research project data sheets are aligned to one or more of the following DOCAM themes:

1- Conservation of works of art featuring technological components Preservation, restoration, reconstruction, reinstallation, re-creation, re-interpretation, emulation, migration, variable media, etc.
2- Documentation strategies and structures adapted to works of art featuring technological components Archives science, artist questionnaires and interviews, databases, interoperability, metadata, standards, preservation of digital documentation, notation systems, etc.
3- Typology and history of the technologies used by the artists Classification, material culture, historical index of technologies, diachronic table of technologies, etc.
4- Cataloguing structures and methods for works featuring technological components Standards, databases, descriptions, etc.
5- Terminological tools and structures for the electronic arts Thesaurus, descriptive vocabulary, ontology, semantic structures, etc.
6- Museum practices for works featuring technological components Exhibits of works featuring technological components, mediation, dissemination, extracts, etc.

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