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Re-creating works that use obsolete technologies - Article “Does Hardware Dictate Meaning?" (Jones)

Complete bibliography
Jones, Caitlin. “Does Hardware Dictate Meaning?” Horizon [On-line]. Number 18. pp 1-7 (Page consulted September 8, 2005)
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Participation method
1- Conservation of media art

Observer: Mélanie Avice

A common question surfaces when any initiative is taken to conserve a work of art: “When we change the artwork's physical components, do we fundamentally alter the meaning of the work?”

In her article, Caitlin Jones describes three case studies conducted as part of the Variable Media Network. The studies demonstrate the many implications of this question when efforts are made to re-create works that incorporate obsolete technologies. The preservation strategies for the three works - The Earl King (Friedman, Roberta; Weinbren, Grahame, 1982-1985), I Shot Andy Warhol (Arcangel, Cory, 2002) and All Wrongs Reversed (JODI, 1982) – were chosen by applying the Variable Media Network theories. The author emphasizes that it is important:

“to elicit information directly from artists regarding the behaviour and variability of their work […] in order to help preserve the original intention of an artwork once the current form is no longer viable.”

With respect to the preservation of media works, the article is essential reading in order to understand the new approach of the Variable Media Network.

Exposition Seeing Double: Emulation in Theory and Practice [On-line] (Page consulted September 8, 2005)
Variable Media Network Web site [On-line] (Page consulted September 8, 2005)

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