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IMAP Obsolete Equipement Survey

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"IMAP Obsolete Equipment Survey." In (Page consulted on 4 February 2008.)
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2- Documentation of media art

Observer: Sonja Brooks

This is an American survey distributed by Independent Media Arts Preservation, Inc, a non-profit organization engaged in researching preservation of non-commercial electronic media. It is important to note that IMAP’s preservation policy centers on first physically preserving the media, then reformatting the media in a technologically current format. Therefore the survey was established as a means of gaining information for the creation of a possible database of institutions owning working, yet technologically obsolete equipment. The main focus is geared toward video playback equipment. The four main purpose’s of the survey include determining what type of information should be obtained (in regards to the database), what constituencies need to be recognized by the proposed equipment cataloging template, how such communities do and do not interact, and other initiatives that could be of future service. The survey is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2008.


IMAP Obsolete Video Equipment Survey
Independent Media Arts Preservation

[Online] (Pages consulted on February 4, 2008)

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