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Voice of the Shuttle (VoS): Online database of web resources

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Web site: VoS: Voice of the Shuttle. Online Database
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2- Documentation of media art

Observer: Andrea Koteles

VoS is an online database containing links to exterior web pages. The contents in the database are all under the humanities class. The arts related records cover a wide variety of perspectives including theoretical, historical and practical aspects.

The database is designed along lines similar to those of a library catalogue with hierarchical headings. Although the search function is not particularly advanced, the small amount of records does not seem to justify that need yet. Records appearing as search results are hyperlinked to a pop-up window that informs the user of related items in the category (class). The management of the collection is open to the users, in that they can suggest links for VoS to review. In the future, as the site progresses, VoS hopes to create individual user and educational group accounts providing extended editorial privileges.

The database is maintained by English professor Alan Liu and the development team at the University of California in Santa Barbara. The way in which they came by the title VoS: Voice of the Shuttle is intriguing: on the page entitled 'What the Title of VoS Means', one finds a myth told in poetry and prose. Throughout the text, many words and couplings are hyperlinked, but only one of the words returns the user back to the home page, the others simply going back and forth between sections of the page. With this section, the site defines itself as more than just its content; its form speaks as well of the nature of the web and its interconnectivity. DOCAM researchers will find not only theoretical articles in this database, but also links to galleries and online art.

There are still a number of dead links on the page, but as the home page states it is still a work in progress and maintenance is ongoing. The amount of records is small, so it is still relatively simple to locate records of interest in a list. As the site grows, the ability to do advanced searches and thesaurus search, as well as having the records numbered, will be beneficial.


VoS: Voice of Shuttle Online Database of web pages
[Online] (Page Consulted March 15, 2009)

Alan Liu"s website
[Online] (Page Consulted March 17, 2009)

University of California"s Department of English
[Online] (Page Consulted March 17, 2009)

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