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Documenting new media art / CRUMB professional development workshop with Caitlin Jones (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 03-05-2008)

Title of event
Documenting new media art / CRUMB professional development workshop
Start date
End date
Event location
Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne
Type of event
Participation method
2- Documentation of media art

Observer: Natacha Clitandre

Caitlin Jones joins the CRUMB team to discuss how best to document event-based and exhibition-based new media art activity. In the workshop Caitlin’s focus will be on preservation issues in relation to electronic and ephemeral artworks. Caitlin invites institutions as well as individual cultural producers to converse about practicalities, tools and policies that emerge with the fast increasing number of ‘storage systems’. Questions around open archives, circulation systems, and the maintenance of data and experiences, might be starting points for an interesting discussion. How does contemporary work, that describes a Moment, if you like, re-contextualise former attempts of the Ephemeral in art? Do recent notions such as enactment or re-enactment do something different to the work and its audience? Does the role of the archivist get blurred considering interdisciplinary practices that media art brings along?

Source: Inspiring Internationalists Programme blogsite


Internationalists Programme blogsite
CRUMB website
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