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Data sheet (Research project):

Knowbotic Research

Title of research project
Knowbotic Research and Translocal Practices
Location of research project
Art and Media Department at the University of the Arts Zurich, Switzerland
Participation method
3- Typology and history of the technologies used by the artists

Observer: Anik Laflamme

Knowbotic Research works with "formations of information, interface and networked agencies. Their more recent projects present artistic practices in an attempt to find viable forms of intervention in translocal spaces and economies" (Knowbotic Research). The inclusion of tags not only serves as links between the pages of the Web site, but also as metadatas for preservation of the information contained in the translocal project.


Knowbotic Research
[Online] (Page consulted on March 18, 2008)
Translocal Practices
[Online] (Page consulted on March 18, 2008)

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