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Participation Methods

The reference is a short text, ranging from 5 to 12 lines, informing users of a document, event, or research project relating to DOCAM’s themes. In this text, the observer can add notes, details or information about the object in question. All submitted references can be further reflected on through a commentary or an analysis.

The commentary is a text, ranging from 10 to 30 lines, explaining and presenting strategic information on a document, event or research project associated with DOCAM’s themes. The observer can add comments and personal observations on the object.

The analysis is a text about a document, event or research project relating to DOCAM’s themes. The analysis can include a critique, a constructive argument, an identification of a problem, an investigation of the challenges, etc. The analysis then consists of a well-developed text with pertinent information on the object in question, as well as the observer’s opinions, ideas, perceptions, etc. The length of the analysis’ text does not have a limit.



Sandin Image Processor
Sandin Image Processor