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A historical perspective of the technology used in electronic music - Website "The Big Time Line" (Electronic Music Foundation)

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The Big Time Line [On-line] (Page consulted October 24, 2005)
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3- Typologie et histoire des technologies utilisées par les artistes

Veilleur : Mélanie Avice

Created by the Electronic Music Foundation in collaboration with the UNESCO Digi-Arts Portal, the mission of the EMF Institute is to provide access to the works produced by electronic music pioneers and promote the vast creative potential of electronic technology in music and the arts.

The Big Timeline, on the EMF Institute Web site, provides an overview of the history of electronic music, i.e. from the early 1900s to the present. The Timeline is comprised of images of instruments, tape recorders, computers, synthesizers, programmable systems, MIDI systems, Internet technologies and more. All trace the evolution of electronic music. By clicking on an image, the user gains access to its description and a link to the InfoHub and other pertinent facts. The InfoHub is a search engine that provides the user with a wide range of information (suggested reading, Web links, documentation on an author, etc.) and greater detail on the information presented in the Timeline. Unfortunately, a number of links lead to sections that have not yet been fully developed.

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InfoHub. [On-line] (Page consulted October 24, 2005)

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