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Media Art Notation System: a new approach to conceptualizing media art - Article "A System of Formal Notation for Scoring Works of Digital and Variable Art” (Rinehart)

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Rinehart, Richard. “A System of Formal Notation for Scoring Works of Digital and Variable Art.” In Archiving the Avant-Garde: Documenting and Preserving Digital/Variable Media Art [On-line] 25 p. Acrobat file (PDF). (Page consulted August 29, 2005)
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2- Documentation des arts médiatiques

Veilleur : Mélanie Avice

The lack of documentation methods for media art forms is threatening our future access to these works. To right the situation, Richard Rinehart proposes a system of formal notation, the Media Art Notation System (MANS). This system presents a new way to conceptualize media art, while addressing the need to document and preserve such works of art.

At the beginning of his text, the author draws a parallel between the notation system used in music and that suggested for media arts. He writes:

“Given the similar variability between music and media arts, it is appropriate to consider a mechanism like a score for binding the integrity of media art works apart from specific instruments […] The reason that musical scores provide a useful model for media art notation is that they comprise the clearest type of description that compiles formalized (systematic) discrete elements into documents that aid in the re-performance or recreation of works of art […] Musical scores also demonstrate how to navigate the border between prescription (maintaining the integrity of the work) and the variability that is inherent in media art.”

The author also conducts a review of research projects that have links to the concept of formal notation. And finally, Rinehart presents the Media Art Notation System. This system offers three layers of implementation, from the simplest to the most complex description. Its utilization revolves around the creation of “scores,” which could serve as non-automated guides for humans to re-create or re-perform a work for an exhibition. The excerpt below illustrates the scope of MANS:

“These scores might not include inline bitstreams that could be interpreted by emulators or such, but they could easily include links from Resource descriptions to original files and streams. In this way the MANS Score would represent a media-independent logical backbone for the Work that relies on the original files to provide the detailed functionality and appearance.”

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Archiving the Avant-Garde Web site [On-line] (Page consulted August 29, 2005)

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