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Media Art Net 1 - "Form follows format: Tensions, Museums, Media Technology, and Media Art" by Rudolf Frieling

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Frieling, Rudolf. "Form follows format: Tensions, Museums, Media Technology, and Media Art." Online publication for «Media Art Net 1: An Overview of Media Art»
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6- Pratiques des musées et œuvres à composantes technologiques

Veilleur : Raphaëlle Aubin

This essay by Rudolf Frieling can be found on the "Media Art Net 1" website, along with a collection of other articles offering an introduction to media art.

The synopsis of the article reads:

The question of «formatting» and the devices for recording, saving, distribution, and presentation, with which artists continue to be confronted, provoke this aphorism from Kittler: «The typewriter writes, too.» Consequently, it is always a specifically artistic practice to appropriate available technologies for genuinely artistic purposes, but at the same time working against the conditions of the hard- and software in question. Putting it more pointedly: art with media is also art directed against media. The first part of this essay is devoted to aspects of this artistic history of technological formats and platforms. In a second step, the questions will be posed how far the technologies and media used trigger a perceptible change in art reception, and to what extent this can be connected with a history of the sites and institutions in which media art was produced and/or presented.

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Rudolf Frieling "Form follows format: Tensions, Museums, Media Technology, and Media Art”
[Online] (Page consulted May 3, 2007)

Media Art Net 1
[Online] (Page consulted May 3, 2007)

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