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Video Preservation Website

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Timothy Vitale and Paul Messier, Video Preservation Website, hosted by Standford University.
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1- Conservation des arts médiatiques

Veilleur : Natacha Clitandre

The purpose of this site is to encourage the preservation of historic video using the mature technology of digital capture [video capture cards], to create individual video files, which would be stored on mass storage media such as hard drives (HDD) or data tape (DT). The individual video files created can be copied without loss -- forever. As with all computer equipment, the storage media must replaced when (a) system components begin to fail with age or (b) the technology advances. The digital files would be migrated to new storage with no loss due to recapture, noise, haste, error or budget restrictions.


A description of the digital capture process, using video capture cards [computer bus] or external analog-to-digital (ADC) plug-in boxes, for acquisition into Final Cut Pro, Avid or Adobe Premier software.

Information that will help users follow the traditional pathways to video preservation.

The Stauderman & Messier Videotape Identification Tool, a Video ID tool developed by Sarah Stauderman and Paul Messier based on Sarah's experience working at VidiPax and as a Works-on-Paper and Electronic Media Conservator at the Smithsonian Institution Archives.

Links to all the major video equipment image repositories.

Valuable information on the science, history and technology of video capture and preservation.


Liens :

Video Preservation Website
[Online] (Page consulted February 7, 2008)

CoOL: Conservation OnLine
[Online] (Page consulted February 7, 2008)

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