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Net Art Idea Line

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Net Art Idea Line presented by Martin Wattenberg and The Whitney Museum Portal to Net Art: Whitney Artport
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4- Catalogage d’œuvres à composantes technologiques

Veilleur : Paulina Mickiewicz

Net Art Idea Line presented by Martin Wattenberg and The Whitney Museum Portal to Net Art, “Whitney Artport”, is an online archiving system that exhibits a vast array of net artworks through time. When launched, Idea Line displays glowing threads that span a timeline of about seven years (1995-2002); a brighter thread will represent more artworks than a less luminous one. Each thread corresponds to either a specific kind of artwork or technology, and as you go through the various categories you are presented with diverse artworks which you can click on in order to learn more about the artist and the artwork itself. The possibility to launch the artwork also exists.

Idea Line was made possible with the help of over one hundred artists who responded to a request for net art that was sent to numerous net art forums in addition to which data was collected on popular net artworks that were not included in this response. Artists are still encouraged to make their artworks known to Idea Line and have the possibility to update information pertaining to their artworks.

Idea Line is an interesting attempt to catalogue and exhibit net art which is otherwise nearly impossible to keep track of. The existence of a great number of net artworks that have been and are being created are entirely unknown. As the net art world expands, there is a growing need for online cataloguing structures such as Idea Line that will perhaps not entirely preserve but at the very least attempt to catalogue and exhibit net artworks which are otherwise too often lost in cyberspace. Online resources such as the one attempted by Idea Line also create a space in which artists can learn from and communicate with each other while making themselves known to the net art world.

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Net Art Idea Line
[Online] (Page consulted on February 25, 2008)

The Whitney Museum of American Art Portal to Net Art
[Online] (Page consulted on February 25, 2008)

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