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Empyre Soft_skinned_space

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"Empyre Soft_skinned_space." [Online] Accessed April 4, 2008.
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2- Documentation des arts médiatiques

Veilleur : Vanessa Sparks

Empyre "facilitates critical perspectives on contemporary cross-disciplinary issues, practices and events in networked media by inviting guests - key new media artists, curators, theorists, producers and others to participate in thematic discussions." Established in 2002 by Melinda Rackham, the Executive Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology, Empyre engages members from around the world in online discussions whose themes change every month. Every discussion is moderated by a facilitator. Of note is that Empyre is archived by PANDORA, a digital preservation initiative out of the National Library of Australia, and by the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media at Cornell University.

Over the course of the last six years, Empyre has covered topics ranging from internet radio to curating new media to copyright. Some of the discussions which are of particular interest to those involved in the documentation and conservation of new media arts can be found via the links below. The discussions are sometimes related to a physically located event, serving as a "dynamic online forum." Empyre is an excellent resource for information on "hot topics" from people who work in a variety of capacities in the field of new media.

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Discussions of interest:
The fragility of digital memory/archives
Preservation Projects
Curating New Media

[Online] (Pages accessed on April 4, 2008)

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