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The Expanding Medium: The Future of Computer Art

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FRANKE W, Herbert, "The Expanding Medium: The Future of Computer Art", Leonardo, Vol.20, No.4, pp.335-338, 1987.
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3- Typologie et histoire des technologies utilisées par les artistes

Veilleur : Caroline Beaulne

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The author explains that computer art is still in its initial stages of development, for it has been in existence but a short time and the underlying technology is not yet fully mature. He anticipates that high-resolution screens will lead to better images and that improved computer performance will permit real-time animation of photorealistic images. Three-dimensional representation will stimulate visual artists to work and think in new ways, for their concern will no longer be the problem of perspective, which will be handled by the computer, but rather the spatial design of objects and sceneries that can he expanded at will beyond the image on the screen. In its final stage of development, computer art might also be able to include elements of literature and to develop a plot in which the user, through interaction, can play a part.

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