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Lawrence Liang's Guide to Open Content Licenses

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A Guide to open Content Licenses: Liang, L. ; Cramer, F.; Rotterdam: Piet Zwart Institute, 2004. 114 p.
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5- Outils et structures terminologiques pour les arts technologiques

Veilleur : Julie Bourbonnais

"There is a specter haunting cultural production, the specter of open content licensing"
Karl Marx (reworked for the digital era)

The above is the introduction to Lawrence Liang's Guide to Open Content Licenses.
Liang, a legal researcher and lawyer known for his legal campaigns on issues of public concerns, has emerged as a spokesperson against concepts like “intellectual property”. He is a founder of the Alternative Law Forum, and has been working on ways to translate the open source ideas into the cultural domain.
His booklet, A Guide to Open Content Licenses, is intended for scientists, writers, designers, artists, musicians and others who are interested in making their work available to the public domain. It goes over the basic concepts of open content licensing, its general characteristics and applications, provides a comparative guide to the different licenses available, and is completed by a glossary of related terms.

The booklet has been published under a Creative Commons License. It is available for free as a PDF download, through the Piet Zwart Institute website.

(Sources: Piet Zwart Institute; Wikipedia)

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