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Web-based art platform - TESTCARD by PROJECKT

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6- Pratiques des musées et œuvres à composantes technologiques

Veilleur : Tanis Keiner

A curated Web-based art platform developed by PROJECKT presents new artworks by seven artists, based on the colour and greyscale configurations of the well-known British Test Card 'F'. The traditional television test card was developed by George Hersee for BBC1 in 1967 and was last broadcast in the UK in June of 2000 during a power failure.

Test Card F was the first colour test card produced in the United Kingdom. It was broadcast during down periods when no programs were scheduled. Details of the card, including Bubbles the clown, a chalk board with a game of nought and cross (Xs and Os), allowed the public to adjust the colour, focus, brightness and contrast of their television sets. One of the essential parameters for ideal image reproduction was the matching of flesh tones. It was for this reason that Herssee included a photograph of his eight year old daughter Carole. The face of Carole Hersee is one that is etched in the minds of British viewers as Test Card F has been broadcast for approximately 70,000 hours.

“Since the turn of the millennium, and against the fixed resolution of conventional TV screens, the advent HDTV has led to the redundancy of the test card as a functional entity, as the assurances that it offered of unbroken lines, even contrast, and colour removed from neon glare have become surplus to this current technology.

Alternative mechanisms for making images visible, and, more importantly, making them relevant within an online medium, has become necessary as the wealth of content available through actual and virtual channels becomes increasingly generative and consumptive. TESTCARD utilises a new downloadable system that places access alongside experimentation, and returns to the concept of the ‘broadcast’ as an opportunity to engage an audience within the deployment of artworks through technology. The test card recalls a time when ‘testing’ was an allowable and appreciated phase of development. Produced by PROJECKT, this practice of ‘testing’ and experimentation with technological platforms provides one of many potential methods for actively engaging artists and artworks. For PROJECKT the test card, as a signatory of service check, will be recurrent with a series of further durational broadcasts being transmitted throughout 2009.”
(Source: PROJECKT website, link below)

The broadcast can be viewed by downloading the TESTCARD software. Every time your computer or the application is restarted, a new image, produced by one of seven artists, is transmitted to your desktop.

TESTCARD includes a desktop application with features such as a biography box and information circle that supplies users with artist biographies and contact information. TESTCARD may be downloaded using either a Windows or Mac-based operational system. After March 17, 2009, TESTCARD will automatically uninstall thus removing the application and all of its associated files. Users also have the option of uninstalling TESTCARD before this date by selecting the 'i' button on the widget.

PROJECKT will feature a second web broadcast entitled TIMEBOMB that will take place May 1-31, 2009. TIMEBOMB will be available to download from the PROJECKT web site starting May 1, 2009.

Participating artists: Francesca Anfossi, Caline Aoun, Simon and Tom Bloor, Cut Up, Karen Tang, Bedwyr Williams, Simon Woolham.

Curators: Charles Danby and George Unsworth, in conjunction with artist Rob Smith.

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