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Review of "IA25: Mapping A Practice of Media Art" Exhibit

Titre de l'événement
IA25: Mapping A Practice of Media Art
Date de début
25 January 2008
Date de fin
8 March 2008
Lieu de l'événement
InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
Type d'événement
Mode de participation
6- Pratiques des musées et œuvres à composantes technologiques

Veilleur : Sonja Brooks

The art exhibit “IA25: Mapping A Practice of Media Art” attempts to present not only a historical scope into new media art practices of which the artist run center, InterAccess, also new media art of a specifically interactive nature. InterAccess Electronic Media Art Center is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the artist run center and the specific focus of which is ‘artistic experimentation’ and new media art. The exhibit serves as part of that celebration. Included are only four works of art. While the information provided in an exhibition pamphlet and through the internet, provided great, well-thought out theoretical insight into the artworks, the center’s history with art experimentation and new media art; the actual exhibit seemed to be lacking much of the vitality necessary for such a specifically interactive exhibit to be truly successful.

My personal experience and reception to the exhibition was not very positive. First, at the time I choose to go, there was no one else in the gallery. Therefore, I was unable to experience the work “Network Touch” (2007) for it is completely reliant on at least two participants. Second, the given description of “Menage” (1974), did not match what I was able to observe of the piece, after first struggling to find it. “Menage” is said to consist of four robots mounted on the ceiling interacting with each other and also interacting with a fifth robot on the ground. The general idea is that the interactions between the robots cause responses to each other creating “unpredictable dynamic results.” I could only locate three robots, two of which had lights on and seemed “on” or “active” while only one actually was moving. “Untitled (Solenoids)” (2005) was interesting as an introduction to the exhibition space, though the clicking and humming seemed more automated than responsive or interactive. “Unprepared Architecture” (2007), was for me, the star of the show, the user’s interaction with the cube is projected on to a screen revealing various three dimensional scenes dependent of which face of the cube is directed at the camera.

Though I am not overly familiar with the exhibition practices of Artist Run Galleries, personally this exhibit did not seem to be completely successful. Though there are different ways of determining the success of a new media artwork or an exhibition, certain fundamentals were lacking. The information and context provided by the pamphlet, I felt, completely made the show possible and held it together so that some at least theoretical ideas and information could be gained.

Liens :

Website of InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre
[Online] (Page consulted on March 5, 2008)

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