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Experimental Television Center: Video History Project

Titre du projet de recherche
Video History Project
Lieu du projet de recherche
Experimental Television Center, New York, United States
Mode de participation
1- Conservation des arts médiatiques

Veilleur : Raphaëlle Aubin

From the website:

The Experimental Television Center’s Video History Project is an on-going research initiative which documents video art and community television, as it evolved in rural and urban New York State, and across the US. Begun in 1994, the Project has several initiatives including research, conferences and the website.

The project's goals are the following:
* to provide a dynamic vehicle for the creation and dissemination of an inclusive media history, encouraging participation by a wide range of people including early practitioners as well as those presently shaping this history
* to identify, locate, and make accessible media history resources - tapes, artists’ instruments, writings and ephemera.
* to underscore the importance of intellectual access to information and to position independent media arts activities within a broader cultural context by cultivating research and public programming of these materials by those in the arts, humanities and sciences
* to increase public awareness of and appreciation for media and to create new audiences for the work by suggesting contexts in which the work can be appreciated.
* to encourage alliances among collecting institutions and those with educational and curatorial programs to assist the preservation of the works

Certain sections on the website are of great interest to DOCAM, namely:
* Video Preservation: The Basics
* Reel to Real: A Case Study of BAVC's Remastering Model
* Selected historical texts on preservation
* Tools: descriptions of instruments, texts/articles, links

Liens :

Experimental Television Center Website
[Online] (Page consulted April 24, 2007)

Experimental Television Center"s "Video History Project"
[Online] (Page consulted April 24, 2007)

Video Preservation: The Basics
[Online] (Page consulted April 24, 2007)

Reel to Real: A Case Study of BAVC"s Remastering Model
[Online] (Page consulted April 24, 2007)

Selected historical texts on preservation
[Online] (Page consulted April 24, 2007)

Tools (Descriptions of instruments, texts, links)
[Online] (Page consulted April 24, 2007)

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