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Fiche de veille (Projet de recherche) :


Titre du projet de recherche
Lieu du projet de recherche
Toronto, ON, CANADA
Mode de participation
4- Catalogage d’œuvres à composantes technologiques

Veilleur : Paulina Mickiewicz

The Artmob research initiative, developed in 2002, aims at becoming an online archive as well as an indispensable resource of Canadian art and Canadian arts policy for artists and various research groups. Artmob's main goal is to attempt to consolidate "the relationship of Canadian arts policy" (currently subject to rapid transformation) with "the appearance of actual Canadian arts content online." It is not only an inititaive which seeks to conserve but also one that strives to promote and create a thriving digital environment for Canadian cultural exchange.

Liens :

Artmob Website
Free as in speech and beer
The Apostrophe Engine

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