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The Computer Arts Society

Titre du projet de recherche
The Computer Arts Society
Lieu du projet de recherche
London, England
Mode de participation
1- Conservation des arts médiatiques

Veilleur : Sophie Le-Phat Ho

The Computer Arts Society (CAS) promotes the creative uses of computers in the arts and culture generally. It is a community of interest for all involved in doing, managing, interpreting and understanding information technology's cultural potential.

Monthly meetings are held in London.


The original CAS was active from 1968 until the mid 1980s. There are significant archives of material from this era, mainly stored in homes and offices of people then active in the group. The CAS is working closely with CACHe, a project in the Department of History of Art, Film and Visual media at Birkbeck, University of London, which is documenting UK computer arts in the years to 1980. The collection, identification, collation and handing over of material to the CACHe team will continue in 2004 & beyond.

This leads to a wider interest in the archiving, study and presentation of computer arts from earlier years.

Liens :

The Computer Arts Society [Online] (Page accessed on April 4, 2008)

CACHe [Online] (Page accessed on April 4, 2008)

PAGE is the bulletin of the Computer Arts Society [Online] (Page accessed on April 4, 2008)

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