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Parallel Evolution: the Patric Prince Collection and SIGGRAPH

Titre du projet de recherche
The Computer Arts and Technocultures Project
Lieu du projet de recherche
The Computer Arts Society, London, England
Mode de participation
3- Typologie et histoire des technologies utilisées par les artistes

Veilleur : Sophie Le-Phat Ho

The Computer Arts and Technocultures Project, a joint venture between Birkbeck and the Victoria & Albert Museum, recently received AHRC funding to research and digitise the Patric Prince Collection of computer art. Birkbeck had already collaborated with CAS and SSL through the CACHe Project and this resulted in CAS's collection of computer art being donated to the V&A.

Computer Art and Technocultures is studying the wider area of international computer art as it emerged in parallel with the developing computer graphics industry, especially in conjunction with SIGGRAPH during the 1980s. The interchange between new technologies and artistic practice, and also the opportunities afforded by an art show attached to a major conference, ensured that SIGGRAPH became one of the principle nodes for computer art. Patric Prince was closely connected with the art show and chaired it in 1986.

We will consider how her collection connects with the art show (especially the retrospective on computer art she put together in 1986), how new artists and technologies were represented, and whether the situation of computer art has changed since the area was discussed in a special SIGGRAPH in 1989.

The Computer Arts Society continues its 40th Anniversary celebrations with a presentation about the emergence of the SIGGRAPH Art Show on May 6, 2008 at System Simulation Ltd, London, England. CAS Meetings are open to the public and are free.

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The Computer Arts Society
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