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Emilie Boudrias, Cataloguing Structure Committee

Day 2, Group 4

Émilie Boudrias, UQÀM – Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


The presentation is on the research carried out by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) Archives Department as part of the DOCAM Alliance initiative. This research project examined problems identified by the DOCAM Catalogue Structure Committee with respect to the cataloguing of artworks featuring technological components...

* Please note most of this presentation is in French

Émilie Boudrias © DOCAM 2007

...Conducting two case studies, the MMFA examined ways of chronicling the history of these works, describing their technological components, and facilitating their assembly using the same management tools as those normally deployed for the Museum’s collection. In Your Dreams (1998), by Gisele Amantea, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (1989), by Nam June Paik, were selected from among the works in the MMFA’s collection as a starting point for the research. Both of these video installations pose specific cataloguing challenges and feature technological components threatened with obsolescence.


Émilie Boudrias is a Master’s student in the Communications program at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), whose thesis focuses on the conservation of digital artworks. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication (Multimedia profile) from UQAM. Prior to beginning her post-graduate studies, she worked in the digital arts dissemination sector, notably with the Elektra Festival team. Boudrias is a research assistant with the DOCAM Alliance.