Accueil Typologie des documents

Typologie des documents


3D Animation File

3D Simulation (CAD, virtual reality, Second Life, etc.)

Acquisition proposal

Acquisition file

Acquisition report


Article in periodical (printed, online)

Audio capture

Audiovisual documentation (Video, photo, sound capture, drawing, etc.)

Bibliography (artist)

Bibliography (theme)

Bibliography (work)

Blog (URL, screen shot, web capture)

Blog posting (URL, screen shot, web capture)


Book section (chapter, essay in an anthology, in a catalog, etc.)


Cables scheme

Cataloguing record

Checklist (physical space, technical needs, human ressources, etc.)

Collection catalog (printed, online)

Computer code (source code, software, patch, plugin, etc.)

Conservation history

Condition Report

Contract/Legal document (Litigation document, etc.)

Control system description (scheme, diagrams or plan)

Copyright agreement

Digital simulation

Documentation of the public experience

Draft drawings


Essay (Historical, Critical, etc.)

Exhibition catalog (printed, online, digital document)

Exhibition history

Exhibition web site

Exhibition leaflet

Exhibition audioguide (podcast, mp3, onsite devices, etc)

Fellowship Application

Finding Aids

Funding Application

Gallery Guide

Graphic (creation, Installation, Production)

Graphic (plans, elevations, perspectives,etc...)

Guideline (mantenance, budget, installation, etc.)

Insurance List

Installation Documentation (plan, elevation, perspective, etc.)

Interview (artists, collaborators, conservators,critics, curators, suppliers)

Interview (museum personnel - collection management, exhibitions planning, guides, technicians, security guards, reception desk, etc.)

Interview (public)

Lighting plan

List (components)

List (suppliers)

List (other projects and works from the same artist)

Loan agreement

Maintenance history

Making of (conception/montage, creation, installation, production, etc.)

Media Art Notation System (MANS)

Meeting Minutes (acquisition committee, conservation meeting, etc.)

Models (digital)

Models (physical)

Modification history

Official web page

Plans (installation plan, etc.)

Press kit

Press review

Project folder

Project submission


Questionnaire (acquisition, Variable Media Network, Media Matters, Premint

Report (budget, condition, conservation, consignment, facilities, installation, etc.)

Schematic plan, section

Screen capture

Specifications (technologic, acoustics, environmental, lighting, surfaces, etc.)

Statement (artist, curator)

Submission (acquisition)

Submission (suppliers)

Technical document

Technical manuals (equipment, software, work)

Technical scheme (cables, electrical, hydraulic, lightning, etc.)

Technical specifications (hardware and equipment, parameters, sotfware, etc.)

Text (wall label, introduction, presentation, etc.)


Transfer documents

Versionning history

Visual documentation (component, deinstallation, installation, etc.)

Web capture (page, site)

Web link (similar works / projects)

Web link (works/projects by the same artist)

Web Page

Web version