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Digital Artists Handbook

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Marloes de Valk and Aymeric Mansoux, Eds., Digital Artists Handbook, folly and Arts Council England, online resource and PDF files.
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3- Typologie et histoire des technologies utilisées par les artistes

Veilleur : Natacha Clitandre


Sponsored by the digital arts organization folly and the Arts Council England, the Digital Artists Handbook is a free practical guide to the field. Specifically aimed toward artists working with Open Source Software, the creators hope to "bridge the gap between new users and the platforms and resources that are available, but not always very accessible." The site hosts articles on a wide variety of topics related to the bits and bytes of digital art practice, including project management tips, open content guides, instructions for digital video, digital graphics, and sound tools, hardware development strategies, etc. The entries are authored by leading curators, artists, programmers, activists, and arts administrators, such as developer and artist Jon Phillips, activist and academic Florian Cramer, curator Olga Goriunova, musician and programmer Thor Magnusson, and many others. Compiled from August 2007 through January 2008, the material included in the guide is up to date.

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Digital Artists Handbook
folly"s Website (entry about the Digital Artists Handbook)

[Online] (Pages consulted February 5, 2008)

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