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National Film Board of Canada : new Online screening room

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Online video archive of over 700 ONF / NFB productions
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Veilleur : Julie Bourbonnais

The National Film Board of Canada just launched its new online screening room. This resource gives free access to over 700 productions, short films, documentary features, animation films, trailers and more. No effort were spared to guaranty the quality of the videos, which download beautifully even on a full screen. The collection is available both in English and French, and features a strong presence from Québec film makers.

The National Film Board of Canada is recognized as a leader of independent Canadian cinema as well as a pioneer of experimental film practices. According to the government’s Cinematography Commissioner, "this newly available resource represents the latest step within the institution’s transition towards digital media, and puts forward an exceptional tool for the democratization of the cinema industry."

(sources : National Film Board of Canada website, Rhizome website and Cyberpresse website)

Liens :

ONF / NFB website
[Online] (Consulted January 27, 2009)

Article published on Rhizome website
[Online] (Consulted on January 27, 2009)

Article published in La Presse web edition: "L’ONF en ligne"
[Online] (Consulted on January 27, 2009)

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