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Exhibition: We Interrupt Your Program (Art Museum at Mills College, Oakland, CA)

Titre de l'événement
We Interrupt Your Program
Date de début
Date de fin
Lieu de l'événement
Art Museum at Mills College, Oakland, CA
Type d'événement
Mode de participation
6- Pratiques des musées et œuvres à composantes technologiques

Veilleur : Sarah Severson

From the Mills College Art Museum website:

We Interrupt Your Program is a group show of video and new media works by fourteen emerging and mid-career female artists. Through their work, the artists intervene in, reconfigure, augment, and/or re-contextualize dominant narratives of war, violence, power, science, technology, gender, and the natural environment from a feminist, or at least female, perspective.

The exhibition includes work made by computer-manipulated video, video installation, interactive sculpture, and photography. All of the artists respond to mainstream media including network television, mass market feature films, computer and video games;interrogating them as restrictive cultural vocabularies that routinely exclude the female voice and point of view. Their work is powerfully expressive, conceptually complex, technically accomplished, uses humor and satire, and is relevant to our culture's historical moment.

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