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Practice As Research In Performance (PARIP): New research metholodogies in digital conservation

Titre du projet de recherche
PARIP: Practice As Research In Performance 2001-2006
Lieu du projet de recherche
University of Bristol, Department of Drama: Theatre, Film and Television. UK
Mode de participation
1- Conservation des arts médiatiques

Veilleur : Tagny Duff

This five year project consulted on a series of creative projects -focusing on fields of concern which engage with questions of historiography -to advance potential uses of new digital technologies for the documentation and dissemination of practice as research in performance.

The intention of this project is to provide a practical platform for investigation into advanced uses of new digital technologies for the documentation and dissemination of processes and outcomes and innovative applications of video-based recording for simultaneous multi-viewpoint documentation. The aim is to create digital documentation frameworks for PARIP that will be transferable across institutions within the UK.

As a result of this project a publication and DVD on the field of enquiry in the performance media is forthcoming 2008. Dr. Simon Jones (University of Bristol) notes that its contents will reference the mass of material that the project has generated and collected, including the digital archived data available (documentation from practical projects - DVDs, database, etc. - journal articles, case studies, practitioner surveys, conference papers, etc.), and provide an account of the PARIP communities, together with in-depth discussion of key areas of development in practice as research (PAR). Through this it will raise and explore crucial issues for the production of knowledge through practice in the creative performance media: theatre, dance, film, video, television, relevant digital technologies.

Of particular interest to DOCAM researchers may be the following chapters to be featured including: Documentation and Dissemination, Technology and Knowledge, Taxonomies and Archiving, and International perspectives including Canada, Australia and France.

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