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New Media in the White Cube and Beyond

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Paul, Christine, ed. "New Media in the White Cube and Beyond: Curatorial Models for Digital Art". Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008.
ix, 273 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
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3- Typology and history of the technologies used by the artists

Observer: Tanis Keiner

"New Media in the White Cube and Beyond: Curatorial Models for Digital Art"

“This provocative, cutting-edge anthology addresses the challenges of curating, presenting, and preserving new-media art—artworks that use digital technologies as media and emphasize process over object. As an art form that is inherently time based, dynamic, interactive, collaborative, customizable, and variable, new-media art resists objectification. It boldly challenges the traditional art world's customary methods of presentation and documentation as well as its approach to collection and preservation. Edited and introduced by Christiane Paul and featuring contributions by prominent practitioners—institutional and independent curators, theorists, and conservators—this volume charts developments in an exciting field and addresses the conceptual, philosophical, and practical issues of both curating and presenting new-media art.”

“Christiane Paul is Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art, and Adjunct Faculty at the School of Visual Arts, New York; the Rhode Island School of Design; the University of California, Berkeley; and the San Francisco Art Institute.”

(Source : University of California Press website )

The contents of this publication include:
  • The Positioning of New Media Art and Curatorial Models
  • Interfacing New Media
  • From Object to Process and System
  • Autonomous Cultural Zones
  • Case Studies of Beryl Graham's Serious Games and Patrick Lichty's (re)distributions: PDA, Information Appliance, and Nomadic Arts as Cultural Intervention
  • Caitlin Jones and Carol Stringari's Seeing Double: Emulation in Theory and Practice
  • Tilman Baumgärtel, Hans D. Christ, and Iris Dressler's Computer games by artists

The first chapter of the book is available on the University of California Press website.


New Media in the White Cube and Beyond on the University of California Press Website
[Online] (consulted on March 24, 2009)

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