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Data sheet (Research project): : Media Arts and Electronic Culture

Title of research project Media Arts and Electronic Culture
Location of research project
MARS-Exploratory Media Lab, Franhofer Institute for Media Communication
Participation method
5- Terminological tools and structures for the electronic arts

Observer: Raphaëlle Aubin consists of an interdisciplinary team of designers, information scientists, artists and arts researchers at the MARS-Exploratory Media Lab of the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication. is an Internet platform for artistic production, media projects, and intermedia research. As an interface for media art, media technology and society, it functions as an information pool for artists, designers, computer scientists and cultural scientists.

Since late 2002 the focus has been on developing as an educational and training instrument for media artists, art teachers and art historians/scholars, through which they can acquire specialist knowledge and skills. has developed Knowledge Discovery Tools which are used for exploring the data pools. These tools, which take the form of a timeline or a semantic map, group content according to a chronological or semantic criteria, making it possible to discover new connections between areas of content that are not conveyed by conventional display forms, such as lists. also offers tele-lectures on topics related to art, art science, media theory and media culture (many talks are in German).

[Online] (Page consulted April 19, 2007) Knowledge Discovery Tools
[Online] (Page consulted April 19, 2007) Sematic Map
[Online] (Page consulted April 19, 2007) Timeline
[Online] (Page consulted April 19, 2007) Tele-lectures
[Online] (Page consulted April 19, 2007)

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